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Černý rybník Nature Reserve - Klíny

Place: Klíny
GPS coordinates: 50.652284, 13.525683
Region: Krušné hory / Erzgebirge / Ore mountains

The Černý rybník Nature Reserve lies at an altitude of 810m and is located 4.5 km southwest of Flájská nádrž. The part of the reservation is not only the pond itself but, above all, the extensive 13ha peat bog. In the area of ​​peat bog grows many species of mosses. In the lighter, drier places, there is an abundance of heather, blueberries, blueberries, blackberries, and cranberries in general. Of the endangered species of plants there is a black shrub, a bristle bolete, a marsh cranberry and a marsh moth. Of the forest trees, black pine, pine, pine spruce, white birch, common crane and various willow species predominate. At the southern edge, the spruce spruce was also planted. In the northwest, the kneecap is very wet; these places are dominated by sausages.

The northern part of the protected area was a well-known tocana and nest of black grouse. It does not nest here, and from the protected reptiles there is the occurrence of the lizard and the viper general. The pond can be seen, for example, by a wild or critically endangered cane.

Area: Litvinov

Point of interest: Sport, Nature

Designed for: Family, Children and Youth, Adequate tourist, Senior

How to: By Car, Cycling, Walking

Practical information:
Freely accessible

Web: rangiroa.sweb.cz/kliny.crybnik.html