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Cracked rock at Flájská dam

Place: Krušné Hory
GPS coordinates: 50.686998, 13.582564
Region: Krušné hory / Erzgebirge / Ore mountains

About a mile from the dam of Flájská Dam, there is a striking rocks of reddish color - Puklá skála. From the top there is an interesting outlook especially to the east and to the south, dominated by the vast water level of the Flájská dam and the highest mountain of Most - Loučná. On the reddish peak, you can see a great deal of small rocks of rock. They are the product of lightning strikes. Lonely rock due to its exposed position acts as a natural lightning conductor. Under the rocks there is a small stone sea. In the past, there have been several short mountaineer outputs of a lower level of difficulty. A red sign from the former Flájí to Český Jiřetín runs along the forest path below the rock.

Area: Litvinov

Point of interest: Nature

Designed for: Family, Children and Youth, Adequate tourist, Senior

How to: Cycling, Walking